The official drink of the Fishchicks is Pink Drinks, which is our variation of a Cosmopolitan. I personally get a headache if I have one Cosmopolitan out in the real world but somehow after a long day of fishing, when sitting back in the boat and having a Pink Drink, just hits the spot and no headaches, at least for me. Following is my Leader's, Shelley's recipe for Pink Drinks in a thermos. Be sure and note her directions at the bottom if there are no glasses or paper cups.

Pink Drinks
For those times when you have to go pink

Supplies needed:
A good Hearty thermos about 36 oz. capacity
Cranberry Juice
Lemon juice (bottled or fresh)
*plastic cups

The morning of your fishing trip pour 22 ounces of cranberry juice in thermos. Add 12 ounces of vodka. Add a jolt of lemon juice and top off with a few ice cubes.

  • if you forget the cups, you can use the old guide trick of cutting off the top of an empty plastic water bottle and using the bottom part as a cup.

  • A dry rose is another favorite pink drink.


Tacos on the River

Most guides include lunch with a float but sometimes we bring it ourselves with the guides supplying a small bar-b-q. Sandwiches are fine but it can be fun to get more festive (and fishchicks love fun), especially if you have a couple of boats meeting up for lunch. If you have left over chicken or beef, shred it up, throw it in a plastic container with a can or two of your favorite hot sauce. Bring along some tortillas and tongs. Heat the tortillas up on the bar-b-q, fill with the meat. Condiments of shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, sliced tomatoes or avocado can be added if you wish and of course more hot sauce.

Serve with an ice cold beer. OLE!

Just a Little Beer

We love those small 7 ounce bottles of Heineken or Corona. There just enough for a quick sip and they stay icy cold. They are sometimes hard to find. My son thinks I'm crazy because they end up costing as much as the larger beers but I think they are the perfect size. Beef jerky is great with a small beer for a little snack on the river.

Don't Forget the Wine Opener

Guides will not usually have a wine opener, so if you want a sip of wine with lunch be sure and bring one.