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Fishchicks, Doyle and Shelley want to encourage women to fly fish and have some fun. Our goal is to give you information on when, where and how to fly fish and how to have fun as well. Lots of Links, lots of fun!

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Too often women are intimidated or scared to try fly fishing. Shelley has been fly fishing for years, lives in Montana and can cast like a pro. Doyle has been fly fishing a couple of times a year for over 10 years and still working on her cast (she has graduated from having her wrist duct taped to the rod) but she catches lots of fish and some big ones too. See her story "Save The Last Cast For Me." The point is, if you have a lot of time to devote to fly fishing or a limited time, you need to get out there and give it a try.

A second story that is tons of fun, comes from The London Telegraph Newspaper titled, "Fisherman Need Saving From Designer Togs and Yobs with Blobs". Blobs is a new fly that has some fisherwomen worried if it is the sporting thing to do and yobs is British slang for a fleshy white boy without much sense. Give it a read. Also in the article is news that Chanel's Sport range will include a designer rod and set of custom flies for 9,170 pounds!

So be a Fishchick, it's easy, buy a hat, book a trip or make a plan to fish with a friend. If you are a beginner go to our "Getting Started" page for lists of fly fishing schools, classes and supplies. Fishchicks practice and endorse "catch and rlease" fishing.

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